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At New Eden

Teachers, Classes & Activities

Christian Pankhurst

Founder of Heart iQ and New Eden. Will be offering daily circles, sacred touch and the guided Enchanted Forest Meditation.

Sumir Brown

Founder of Feminine Rising and New Eden. Will be offering morning Tea Ceremonies and evening sisterhood experiences.

Lara Kolesar

Certified Heart iQ Facilitator. Will be offering daily Osho Meditations, movement & optional Ecstatic Body Sessions

Betty Jeuris

Founder of 'Be The Change Belgium' & skilled in breath work & body work. Will be offering daily classes in Tibetan Yoga.

Christina Lausevic

Certified Heart iQ Facilitator. Will be offering singing, ceremony and Dances of Universal Peace.

Simon McIntosh

Certified Heart iQ Facilitator.  Offering laughter yoga, personal story work & sacred ceremony.

Anna Frearson

Certified Heart iQ Facilitator. Will be offering circles on the theme of Intimacy and Sacred Union.

Dewi Jewel

Ratna Dewi is a dance healing artist, offering classes to women in the area of feminine intimacy.

Open Circle Time


Each day, from Tuesday to Friday & Sunday (5 circles in total), Christian will facilitate the whole group in morning circle, done in an open style where magic emerges spontaneously in the moment. 

A Love Affair with Self

Connect to breath, body, life-force and the Divine and fall in love with how powerfully sensual and alive you really are. Sumir will be leading three evening sessions. Two will be for mixed men and women and one will be for sisters only. Sumir will also be leading morning Tea Ceremonies to kick start the days.

Osho Dynamic & Kundalini Meditation

Every morning, Lara will lead an Osho Dynamic Meditation. This is a four stage active meditation to get you out of your head and into your body. The stages use breathwork, movement with sound, uncontained expression, stillness and dance. Helps to clear out and purify distorted emotions, stuck energy and compulsive thinking.

Bring a blindfold!

In the evenings before dinner, Lara will lead the Osho Kundalini Meditation. This is a four stage movement meditation. The first two stages “melt” away blocks in the body with shaking and dancing. The last two stages enable the energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of the day.


Ecstatic Body Work: 1-2-1 Sessions

As part of Thrive!, all group classes and activities are included in your event fee. You may, at an additional cost, book a number of 1-2-1 Ecstatic Body Sessions with Lara.  

Discover how to convert your body's tension and blocks into nourishment, resource and ecstasy. 

With touch, focused breath and movement you will experience the liquid intimacy of your life force. 

Thrive! Special Rate: €75 for an hour long session.

Tibeten Yoga (Lu Jong)

Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before dinner,  Betty will run Tibetan Yoga classes.

From the Tantra-yana perspective, on which Lu Jong is based, the feminine is represented in the movement, the masculine is the practice of 'holding'.

In Lu Jong both aspects are equaly important: Wisdom in the movement, holding in the method. A dance between those two seemingly opposit energies, that leads to more awareness of our inner world.

The exercises invite balance between the masculine supporting the feminine and the feminine feeding the masculine.

Sometimes we misunderstand 'freedom' by thinking it's all about movement and expansion, going fully uncontained. In this teaching we experience that freedom truly comes from the sacret inner marriage of lovingly holding ourselfs in discipline while surrendering to the movement. 

Get High With Anna
(The Natural Way)

During the week at Thrive, Anna will be offering a space where you can join her to playfully explore new edges, create deeper connection with yourself and others and give yourself permission to freely express yourself.

Each session will offer you an opportunity to explore a theme through game playing and circling. Come with an open, curious heart and mind. A willingness to play all out and a trust in the magic of play and authentic connection.

The intention is you leave feeling more open, more connected, more trusting and more loving. And if that’s not the case you will have had FUN!!!

The Mother Temple

During a selection of the  afternoons, Dewi will creating a sacred space she calls the Mother Temple.

This sacred space is for us to receive the wisdom messages of Mother Earth. Connecting with our sensual body, with nature, with touch and movement, with our voice and with nakedness. It is a deepening journey of Self Love, a space of stillness, deep rest, restoration and healing.

Profound rest is needed for healing which then gives us more clarity of our true heart desire and new inspiration to bring this into physical manifestation. 

Private Sessions with Dewi

In these optional 1-2-1 private sessions Dewi will exclusively focus more individually on healing specific blockages in body and mind. Through light energy healing, sacred touch and channeled sounds from Mother Earth. Re-coding cells from lower into higher frequencies.

Thrive! Special Rate: €75 for an hour long session.

Enchanted Forest Meditation

On Saturday September 8th, Christian will be taking a group of 12 people on a guided bike ride to some of his favourite locations in the forest. You can choose to take part in the morning or afternoon excursion. At each sacred location, you'll have an opportunity to connect to nature, meditate and receive from the land.

The entire excursion is 2.5 hours long and you'll need to bring a ruck sack with a blanket, water and snacks. Long pants, socks and closed sandals and shoes are also recommended, as well as some bug spray. 

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