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Getting To New Eden

VENUE ADDRESS: New Eden Retreat Centre, Sparjeburd 2, Hemrik, 8409CK, The Netherlands

The closest airport is Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. New Eden is located approximately 1.5 hours away by car and 2.5 hours away by public transport.

Taking A Taxi

The quickest option is to take a taxi from the airport to New Eden. You can book a ride up for up to 8 people for €180-€210. 
You can also take a train to Heerenveen Station (see below for details) and then get a taxi from this station to New Eden. 
Alternatively, you can take a 'Flix Bus' from Amsterdam (see below for details) and take a taxi from the 'Drachten Transferium Oost' bus stop to New Eden. 
Use the "CALCULATE TAXI FARE" box to check the fare and book your ride.  The drop down menu under "From Address" will allow you to select Airport or a specific train station, or you may enter another address by filling in the blanks.  The "To Address" for New Eden is Hemrik (city), Sparjeburd (street), 2 (No.).  
To ensure you are getting into the correct taxi at your pick-up point, ask the driver to confirm your booking name and phone number, and look for the CarCab logo on the windscreen of the car.  To call CarCab directly: ‭+31 513 76 35 76‬.  You may also choose to use a taxi company you find on your own.


Getting Here By Car

From Amsterdam or Utrecht (about 1.5 hours): Take the highway A1 (from Amsterdam) or A27 (from Utrecht) and A6 to Almere, Lelystad. Take the highway A7 to Drachten, Groningen. Leave A7 at exit 28 to Beetsterzwaag. Go through the town of Beetsterzwaag. As soon as you leave Beetsterzwaag take a right to Hemrik. Follow this road for about 5 km and take a left, just 50 m. before the end of this road, onto the driveway of Sparjeburd.

Hiring a car

Want to have your own car for the week? This is an easy and affordable option, as you can pick up your car at Schiphol airport.

We have had a good experience with Thrifty. You’ll have options from €20-€40/day.

After you've registered for an event, you'll get access to a private group on Facebook where you can connect with other participants, coordinate your travel plans and plan to share rides with others attendees.


Taking The Bus

This is by far the cheapest and quickest way to get to New Eden via Public Transport.

There is a direct non-stop bus service from Amsterdam (Rotterdam is also possible) to Drachten which takes 1 hour and 55 minutes. The bus stop is just 8 minutes away from New Eden by car or taxi.

Step 1: Download the FlixBus app on your phone.

Step 2: Book your bus from Amsterdam to Drachten on the App. It costs €6.99 and you can pay via Credit Card or PayPal. You can also book your return journey at the same time. There's a €1 booking fee per leg.

Step 3: The Bus leaves from Amsterdam Sloterdijk 'Piarcoplein' Bus Stop (it originates in Rotterdam, so you can get on there too). There are 4 buses per day at 7.25am, 11.55am, 2.55pm and 5pm. If you intend to arrive at New Eden in time for an event which begins at 3pm, then make sure you take either the 7.25am or 11.55am bus.

Step 4: If arriving by plane at Schiphol, you will need to take a short 10 minute train from Schiphol Train Station to Amsterdam Sloterdijk. The train station is located just below the terminal and the journey costs €2.10. Trains to Amsterdam Sloterdijk leave approximately every 10 minutes. For more information on how to get train tickets, see below 'Taking The Train'.

Step 5: Once you have booked your bus, we recommend arranging a taxi from Drachten to New Eden and sharing a ride with other participants. Upon registration of an event or stay at New Eden, you may request membership for the New Eden Travel Buddies Facebook Group.  



Taking The Train

The local train station is Heerenveen, about 25 minutes by car to taxi. There are two trains each hour from Schiphol to Heerenveen.

To verify the train schedule go to:

To plan your trip by public transport go to:

There is a train that leaves at 3 minutes past the hour that is INDIRECT heading towards Groningen. You will have to change trains in Zwolle. If you want to take this train, you need to buy a ticket from one of the yellow ticket machines and then go to platform 1-2.

There is also a train that leaves at 33 minutes past the hour that is DIRECT heading towards Leeuwarden. If you want to take this train, you need to buy a ticket from one of the yellow ticket machines and then go to platform 1-2.

From the train station in Heerenveen, you’ll still need to take a taxi or public transport to get to New Eden. A taxi ride is approximately €45-€55. Don’t wait until you arrived in Heerenveen to book your ride!

There is a local taxi service who is available for your final leg of transport from the Heerenveen Train Station to the Centre. See above for fares and to book.

If you come by train, make sure you have enough time for your travel (train + taxi) so you arrive on time to the Retreat Centre!

Taking the Bus from the Station:

A cheaper, albeit longer journey from the Heerenveen train station to New Eden is to take the bus from Heerenveen Bus station to Lippenhuizen De Driehoek (Bus 20 or 21) which leaves every 30 minutes and takes 30 minutes to complete. Lippenhuizen is just 5-8 minutes away by taxi from the centre, and about a one hour walk.

Whether you’re travelling by car or public transport, allow a generous amount of time for your trip so you can arrive on time; your event start time will be included in your confirmation letter.

Your questions regarding transportation to the Center may be directed to [email protected].


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